About Us

We are a technology driven organization providing last mile personalized experience to PwD’s, Elderly at both in premise and outdoor facilities

How myUDAAN was Conceived  
170 million PwD & elderly do not go out as our infrastructure is non supportive to their needs 30 million PwD find it difficult to Access buildings, Access employment & skills. Mobility solutions are scarce  
myUDAAN has taken the initiative to provide Assistance , Accessibility & Mobility to this segment.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to take small but effective steps that bring immense benefit to the PwD (Person with
Disability) in the long run and reduce their limitation.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to use Technology to provide accessibility, Assistance, Mobility and social inclusion to 170 million PwD(Person with Disability) & elderly. 

We want to impact the society, create employees with a cause & returns to shareholders

Our Direction

myUDAAN’s efforts are directed towards creating an ecosystem for the PwD (Person with Disability) community thru Private Public participation


myUDAAN is an app created to enhance accessibility for the disabled and elderly citizens. The purpose is making disabled and elderly fraternity mobile and independent to a basic outdoor lifestyle.

Through “Book My Assistant” we intend to provide services that will enable the PwD’s to now confidently venture out. Multiplexes, malls and large stores can now be comfortably ventured with total assistance. Our assistants are trained to help you around. Currently, the indoor assistance service is free and operational within Navi Mumbai. You can opt for Paid services for hour-long or day-long outdoor assistance.

myUDAAN also aids you with – “My accessibility” that gives before-hand accessibility information on your selected location. Know how the location you wish to visit is suitable for going around. Venture on your own by knowing details on wheelchair accessibility, ramps and other basic infrastructure that can ease you to go around.

Thru “My Skill” our App creates employment opportunities for this segment. We work closely with skill platforms to enable PwD and partner with Organizations to employ them .

myUDAAN App Benefits


My Assistant

myUDAAN provides free Assistant Services at Malls, Multiplexes & Large Format Stores. PwD’s & Elderly can now experience outdoors stress free


My Access

myUDAAN provides free Accessibility Information Service to PwD’s. They can get information on locations which are PwD accessible & friendly.


My Mobility

Assistive Mobility is a marketplace for specialized assistive mobility products These products are must have for PwD community.


My Social Spot

myUDAAN strives for PwD’s and Elderly inclusion thru social spot. Events, Exhibitions & Matrimonial will now be made more accessible.


My Store

Store by PwD’s will have products by PwDNGO SME’s . Our Marketing efforts will be to drive people to patronize products by PwD’s.


My Skill

3% of workforce should be PwD in any organization as per GOI. Our platform will list training companies & potential recruiters

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Drive Cost Saving & more share of wallet

Enhance Company reputation & Brand Awareness

Attract top talent to work in Organization

Improve employee retention engagement & satisfaction

Build meaningful relationships

Spent on Social Impact by organizations world wide improving ROI
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Fortune 500 companies have allocated funds & programs for Social Impact
Of worlds largest 250 companies publish their work on Social Impact

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