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Your Golden years can be truly golden if you follow very simple suggestions to lead an active social life. myUDAAN helps senior citizens with in premise Mobility, outbound Mobility, Travel & Home Care. Go Out – start your day by going out, either in the society premise, the society garden,
If you have a near and dear one who is 60+ and you have been wondering about what matters to them the most , read on Fear With age, the reason for fear increases, worrying for small things or things that hardly matter takes precedence over everything else. Elders should
Ever wondered if mobility is a challenge, probably not as we have so many modes, Buses, Trains, Autos, Cabs, Ola & Uber.  We don’t even know it is a privilege for us, if you don’t agree ask People with Disabilities & Seniors. There are endless challenges that the Elderly/disabled face
‘Meet The Drapers’ is a groundbreaking television reality show that enables crowdfunding for startups. American venture capital investor, Tim Draper interacted with prominent startups from Mumbai. CIBA incubated startup myUDAAN (Founders Ravindra Singh and Anil Pereira) are amongst the top 3 startups shortlisted from Mumbai; their episode will be aired
“One challenge I am always faced with is accessibility. Be it with buildings, elevators, public toilets, or ATMs. As a person with post-polio paralysis, this is a major concern. I started thinking about ways to change this,” Ravindra says. Read more at: https://yourstory.com/socialstory/2020/03/my-udaan-wheelchair-services-mumbai
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