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Mumbai entrepreneur Ravindra Singh is always on the move. Singh has a marketing business, a role that requires daily travel, often to unfamiliar locations. One challenge he always comes up against is accessibility, be it with buildings, elevators, public toilets or ATMs. As a person with post-polio paralysis from birth, this is a major
There’s lots to do in a mall but walking around such a large area is not an enjoyable prospect for people with mobility challenges or the elderly. myUDAAN, the mobile app, has launched a wheelchair assistant service at malls in Navi Mumbai. A weekend at the mall is something everyone
Good news for disabled people or the elderly living in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Wheelchair taxi service company Ezy Mov and mobile app myUDAAN have come together to offer wheelchair assistant and caretaker service to people who are disabled and the elderly. Accessibility now right at the doorstep for disabled
First, you have to change the way you think about people with disabilities. And that starts with breaking the assumption that people with disabilities can’t work, and should not be part of a workforce. So, chances are in your workplace you are already working with or for people with disabilities.
A wheelchair taxi provides private transportation services for wheelchair-bound people. One can travel to medical appointments, work, social activities, and retail stores. It reduces the need for wheelchair-bound individuals to rely on friends and family members to meet their transportation needs. Most of all it gives a sense of dignity
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