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How to be a Friend Caring for each other should be a part of any friendship, whether or not a disability is involved. And remember, ‘disability’ covers countless conditions that affect people’s movements, senses, and activities in completely different ways, so each person will have unique needs. If you’re ever
Ravi, Founder at myUDAAN is a Person with a disability and above that, a very good friend People think being friends with someone with a disability is special, that not everyone can do it or it is something to be proud of. This is a fallacy no one is a
Until a few days ago Mumbai was brimming with activity, our unstoppable Mumbai. The city is always on the move, so much so that it never sleeps. We share a love-hate relationship with Trains, Buses, Cabs, Auto and lately Metro. We complain often but know deep in our hearts that
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